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Fixed penalty notices for environmental crimes

Additional information

  • We only issue warnings on the initial week of a seasonal operation (e.g. Dog Beach Ban), and after that you will be issued with an FPN for a breach of a PSPO
  • You are still littering if you drop litter near or around your place of work. This may include rear entrances to shops and restaurants, offices, depots, hospitals and health centres. This also includes local authority buildings
  • You can use bins without ashtrays, extinguish the cigarette first, then place it in the bin
  • No bin doesn’t mean no FPN – not having a bin to hand is not an excuse for littering
  • Placing a cigarette end down a drain is still an offence which will result in an FPN
  • Placing rubbish in a stream is an offence and will result in an FPN
  • The offence is complete once the item is deposited and the person walks away

Failing to relay your details (name and address) to an Authorised Officer is classed as a separate offence under the Environment Protection Act 1990 Section 88 (8B), which could result in you receiving another FPN for breaching different legislation

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