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Fixed penalty notices for environmental crimes

Signage about littering or dog fouling in the area

Local authorities are not legally bound to place signs in streets, roads, highways, parks or open spaces informing people not to refrain from committing an environmental crime, or to inform them that Enforcement Officers are operating in the area. Legislation has been in force for many years, but as littering and dog fouling has increased significantly in many parts of the country many local authorities are actively issuing FPNs to drive the message home that it is unacceptable to spoil our environment by carelessly discarding their rubbish or failing to remove their dog foul. 

As with signage local authorities do have to provide litterbins, and is not feasible for the council to put litter bins everywhere in the borough, although every effort is made to place bins where there are the greatest levels of pedestrian footfall, such as in town centres, shopping areas and Parks and open spaces.

Once bagged dog waste can be deposited in any of our litter bins. Where bins are not available then it is an owners/exercisers responsibly to carry it until a litter bin is available or take it home and deposit it in their household bin.

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