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Fixed penalty notices for environmental crimes

Enforcement officers

All Enforcement Officers who work under the direction of street scene services on behalf of the council are fully trained, professional and experienced and patrol any area of land that is open to public access including areas such as town centres and environmental hotspots.

District Enforcement Limited Officers

The environmental crime officers are specialists in their field, and Wyre Council has given clear and defined delegated powers, with officers following current legislative guidelines and the local authority enforcement policy. 

All officers operating within Wyre have been screened and vetted by DBS in compliance with British Standard 7858:2012, and have received intensive introductory training and ongoing professional development to maintain the high standards required by us. There is body worn camera footage of every interaction between the officers and members of the public.

All District Enforcement Officers attract an hourly rate of pay, and are not remunerated (receive a bonus) for the number of FPN’s issued.

Any complaints relating directly to District Enforcement Officers can be made directly to District Enforcement, and all such complaints are handled in line with established procedures.

You should be aware that making a complaint is treated separately to the issue of the FPN and remain liable to prosecution unless you choose to pay the FPN within the time specified.