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Preparing for climate change in Wyre

Hope for our future

Whilst climate change presents many challenges, it also offers a unique opportunity for a green recovery from the pandemic and cost-of-living crisis, by shifting away from a fossil fuel-based system to create a cleaner, healthier environment. 

As a council, our vision is that Wyre is proud, ambitious and thriving - together we make a difference. We want Wyre to be a quality local environment for all to enjoy, with a strong local economy and empowered communities. Taking action on climate change can help us to achieve this.

Co-benefits of taking action

In addition to benefits to the environment, actions to reduce emissions also have many social and economic co-benefits. For example, reducing emissions by supporting active travel has many benefits including:

  • Social - more active lifestyles, improved mental and physical health, quiet roads and safe spaces for children to play
  • Economic - reduced transport costs, reduced costs and demand on healthcare services, jobs to help install and maintain infrastructure
  • Environment - improved air quality, better access to green space and nature, reduced carbon footprint from individual journeys

A whole host of co-benefits can be achieved by making one change, now imagine how many benefits you could gain from making five small changes in your life? See our how to help sections to find out what you can do to help tackle climate change.

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