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Preparing for climate change in Wyre

Impacts on our residents

The negative impacts of climate change are becoming clearer: more adverse weather conditions, issues with food and energy security, loss of habitats and biodiversity, heat stress, damage to infrastructure, and many more.

However, climate change does not affect everyone equally - whilst we may all be in the same storm, we are not all in the same boat. In most cases, vulnerable people are often worst affected.

Who is most at risk in Wyre?

We have an ageing population in Wyre, with the highest number of residents aged over 65 and 75 in Lancashire. The impacts of climate change brings a host of challenges relating to eldery resident's healthcare, safety and mobility. If you feel concerned about climate change and fall with in this category please visit Age UK.  

Other vulnerable groups include people with disabilities, isolated adults with poor access to transport, people with mobility issues, those who work outdoors and ethnic minority groups.

Of those most affected, climate change will have the greatest impact on our future generations. Although they will have contributed the least to climate change, they will unfairly face the worst effects.

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