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Green waste collection service

Coronavirus update

We are pleased to confirm that green waste collections will be phased back in from Monday 4 May depending on your collection cycle.  Please refer to your collection calendar, or if you have misplaced yours, you can download another here. 

If you are a new subscriber and have signed up for the 2020/21 subscription year, your collections will run from 29 June 2020 until 30 June 2021. A new sticker will be on its way to you. The majority of the stickers were pre-printed prior to the recent service suspension as a result of the pandemic and show an expiry date of 30 April 2021. Please note your subscription will be valid for a full 12 months from the new start date.

Whilst we will do our best to collect your bin on your normal scheduled day it is anticipated on some days we will experience difficulties completing collections of all green bins. If we haven’t been able to get to you please leave your bin out and we will return on another operational day to collect – usually within 2 working days. Customers on an assisted collection, please ensure access to the bin.

We will only be able to take green waste within bins from properties subscribed to the service, no additional green waste will be taken as this will create further service disruption.

Our staffing levels have been affected which is why we had to suspend the service, however we are now doing everything we can to get the service up and running as normal as soon as possible.

We would ask for your continued understanding during these challenging times.  The crews have been extremely grateful for the positive messages of support they have been getting whilst making collections. 

Those that have already re-subscribed to the 2020/21 year do not need to do anything. Those who have signed up to the direct debit service will receive an email from our direct debit provider, Go Cardless advising them of payment mandate instructions.


Click here to subscribe for 2020/2021 

Subscription and cost

For single year subscriptions, the cost will be £35 for an initial bin and additional bins subscribed for at the same time remain at £25 for each additional bin.

You can subscribe at any time during the year. The annual charge will remain the same. If you signed up for annual Direct Debit you will be notified by email at least three working days in advance of the payment being taken. If you signed up for Direct Debit last year then you do not need to do anything (unless your circumstances have changed), we will send you an email to confirm everything is still setup.

Please note: green bins will only be issued with a valid subscription

Hint and tips: sharing a bin with a neighbour would halve the costs for you both

Additional bins

The first bin will be charged at the rate of £35 (£5 discount if subscribing by direct debit) for one bin collected on a fortnightly basis for the period the service runs, but if paying for multiple bins on the initial contact a discounted rate of £25 will be applied for each additional bin. The discount for additional bins is only applicable when paying at the initial subscription stage. Additional bins required at a later date will be charged at £35 per bin. To be eligible for the discount for additional bins the subscription shall be for one address only.

Once subscribed

  • We will notify you when the stickers will be issued, this will be about normally 3 weeks before the collection period starts. Please attach the sticker to your bin as instructed so we know you have paid the subscription
  • Collections will continue on a fortnightly basis and collection dates remain the same. Please ensure you present your bin by 7.00am on your scheduled collection day

New builds

If you have recently moved into a new build please contact us to find out about ordering new bins and subscribing to the green waste service.  

What goes in your green bin

Only garden waste must be placed in the green bin. Food waste should be disposed of in your grey bin or home composted.

Unwanted green bins

If you no longer require your green bin, you can request the removal of the bin by completing the online form. Only empty green bins will be removed and will be collected within five working days.

Alternative ways to dispose of your green waste

Further information

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