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What goes in each container

Green bin - green waste

Please note you can only use your green bin if you subscribe to the green waste service.

What can go in my green bin?

  • Grass cuttings 
  • Shrub/hedge clippings
  • Tree loppings
  • Twigs, bark and leaves
  • Straw, hay and wood shavings
  • Flowers/plants 
  • Small branches
  • Rabbit bedding

What cannot go in my green bin?

  • Any type of food or cooking oil (the facilities required for the safe composting of mixed food and garden waste are no longer available which means only garden waste can be accepted)
  • Turf, soil and compost
  • Treated/untreated wood
  • Nappies
  • Pet waste or litter (other than rabbit bedding)
  • Plant pots
  • Ash and vacuum cleaner waste
  • Bricks, stones or rubble

These items must be taken to your nearest HWRC.

Find your nearest HWRC

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