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Health and safety

Cooling towers and evaporative condensers

If you install any kind of cooling tower or evaporative condenser you have a legal duty to notify this within one month. If a cooling tower becomes redundant and is de-commissioned or dismantled, this should also be notified.

Submit a notification

There is no charge for notification.

'Notifiable devices' consist of cooling towers and evaporative condensers, except when they contain water that is not exposed to the air and the water and electricity supply are not connected.
Even if the premises is enforced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), you must still submit a notification.

Cooling towers and evaporative condensers

A cooling tower is used to cool water by direct contact between that water and a stream of air. An evaporative condenser is used to cool water by passing that fluid through a heat exchanger which is itself cooled by contact with water passing through a stream of air. If your company has air conditioned offices or carries out a manufacturing process that involves the use of water as a coolant, it may have a cooling tower. 


Register a cooling tower or evaporative condenser

The main reason for registering cooling towers and evaporative condensers is to identify areas that could give rise to infectious disease, and to ensure preventative measures  are taken to stop the risk of infection.
Cooling towers and evaporative condensers have the potential to cause outbreaks of disease, such as legionella which can cause legionnaire's disease. For this reason all cooling towers and evaporative condensers must be registered.

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