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Health and safety


Legionnaires’ disease is a severe pneumonia. You can become infected when you inhale airborne droplets, which contain legionella bacteria. You are more susceptible if you are over 45, a smoker or heavy drinker, suffering from chronic respiratory or kidney disease or have an impaired immune system.

Although the bacteria can be found in natural water sources, it is sometimes found in recirculating hot and cold water systems such as storage tanks, air conditioning systems, spa pools cooling towers and evaporative condensers. 

Your responsibilities 

If you are an employer or  responsible for the control of premises (including landlords) you have a duty to understand and manage the legionella risks. You must identify if there are any legionella risks in your work place.  

If you are an employer and you or an employee has legionnaires' disease as a result of your work, there is a legal requirement to report cases within 15 days 

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