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Discounts, exemptions and premiums

Patients residing in hospital, nursing or care homes

If someone in your household is admitted to hospital, a nursing home or a care home, on a long-term or permanent basis, then they are no longer counted for council tax purposes.

If you are the only person living in your household and you are admitted to hospital, a nursing or care home on a long-term or permanent basis, then you can claim a full council tax exemption. 

Apply for a long term care discount or exemption

If you are a care home owner and everyone who lives in your care home is a patient, then you can claim an exemption from paying council tax in respect of the care home.

If one or more of the people living in the home are staff, or you, or other members of your family live there as resident proprietor(s), then the council tax is still payable and no exemption can be claimed. 

Please email to apply for this exemption.

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