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Discounts, exemptions and premiums

Job related second home discount

The job related second home discount will apply to either:

  • the job related dwelling if it is the second home of you or your spouse/civil partner (not their main residence), or
  • to another dwelling if the job related dwelling is your or your spouse/civil partners main residence, and you have another dwelling that is therefore a second home

One of the properties must fall into class 1, 2 or 3 as shown below:

  1. The property is provided to you, or your spouse/civil partner, because of your employment and it is necessary for proper performance of duties (or is provided for the better performance of the duties of the employment and it is one of the kinds of employment in which it is customary for employers to provide dwellings to employees)
  2. The property is occupied as a residence from which you, or your spouse/civil partner, perform the duties of a minister of any religious denomination
  3. You are in the armed forces and have your main residence in the UK in Ministry of Defence accommodation which is exempt from council tax under Class O

This discount is not applicable:

  • if you have a second property in the locality of your place of work but you do not perform the duties of your employment from that address. There must be a direct link between your work and the property, such as caretaker, landlord of pub, schoolmaster
  • unless both of your addresses are in England, Wales or Scotland
  • if you are not the liable person for council tax at both properties (unless the property is provided by the Ministry of Defence or for a minister of religion to perform his duties)
  • if you are a director or a partner in the company providing the accommodation (unless you are a full time working director/partner or the company is non-profit making or charitable)

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