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Discounts, exemptions and premiums

Full-time students, student nurses and foreign language assistant discounts


Students are not counted for council tax purposes if they are on a full time course lasting at least one academic year and requiring 21 hours of study for at least 24 weeks.

Students under the age of 20 are also not counted if they are on a course that lasts three months or more and requires 12 hours of daytime attendance each week.

Student nurses

Student nurses do not count for council tax purposes. A student nurse is someone who is taking a course which leads to a registration under the Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors Act 1979. Student nurses on Project 2000 are also considered to be full-time students.

For nurses a prescribed educational establishment is a college of nursing and midwifery, or a college of health.

Foreign language assistants

Foreign language assistants registered with the Education and Training Group of the British Council and appointed as an assistant at a school or other educational establishment in Great Britain are disregarded for council tax purposes. Foreign language assistants and foreign spouses of students who aren't allowed to work, or claim benefit, are also not counted.

If everyone at the property is a student, a full exemption from payment of council tax is awarded.

If, even after disregarding any adults living in your household who do not count for council tax purposes, more than one adult does still count, then no discounts can be claimed, though you can make a claim for council tax support if you are on a low income.

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