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Wedding venues

Civic Centre weddings - terms and conditions

All wedding and civil partnership ceremonies conducted at the Civic Centre are subject to certain conditions. Please read the conditions carefully. 

1. The venue is available for the ceremony only. The Civic Centre does not have facilities for wedding receptions or evening functions.

2. No food or drink may be sold or consumed in the room in which proceedings take place for one hour prior to or during those proceedings.

3. The arrangements for and content of the proceedings must met with the prior approval of the Superintendent Registrar of the district, or the registration authority of the area, as the case may be, in which the approved premises are situated.

4. Any proceedings conducted on approved premises shall not be religious in nature. In particular, the proceedings shall not:

  • include extracts from an authorised religious marriage service or from sacred religious texts
  • be led by a minister of religion or other religious leader
  • involve a religious ritual or series of rituals
  • include hymns or other religious chants or
  • include any form of worship

5. The proceedings may include readings, songs or music that contain an incidental reference to a god or deity in an essentially non-religious context.

6. For this purpose, any material used by way of introduction to, in any interval between parts of, or by way of conclusion to the proceedings shall be treated as forming part of the proceedings.

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