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Street naming and numbering

Street name plates

The developer of any new developments is responsible for the initial costs of nameplates and their mountings and must comply with the specification of the council.

  • street name plates should be fixed as near as possible to street corners, so as to be easily readable by drivers and pedestrians. The name plate should normally be within three metres of the intersection of the kerb lines, but where this is not practicable the distance may be varied up to a maximum of six meters
  • street name plates should be mounted so that they are unlikely to be obscured by pedestrians or vehicles
  • if signs are to be free standing, a 76mm diameter tubular galvanised steel post with a cap and baseplate is to be used no less than 1220mm in height
  • on straight lengths of road without intersections name plates should be repeated at reasonable intervals with priority given to such places as bus and railway stations, and opposite entrances to well frequented sites such as car parks
  • where the street name changes at a point other than a cross-road both names should be displayed at the point of change
  • whenever practical, street name plates should be mounted on walls, buildings or other boundary structures at the back edge of the footway. Care should be taken to keep the view of name plates free from obstruction by trees and other growth
  • all abbreviations should be avoided

Street name plate specification

  • street name plates are to be rectangular with black border 12.5mm wide
  • they are to be made from a 3mm aluminium or 5mm composite aluminium /polycarbonate
  • block capitals are to be used with the font ‘Transport’ and lettering to a size of 100mm on a 150mm depth backboard
  • if the plate requires ‘leading to’ the street name should be 75mm with the ‘leading to’ at 50mm on a 225mm plate
  • if there is no timber backboard then the plate corners should be rounded to a radius of 25 mm to prevent sharp edges being exposed

Adopted highways

Wyre Council will maintain existing nameplates on adopted highways.

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