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Street naming and numbering

New streets and developments

To apply for new street names please complete the online form and you will be contacted to confirm locations.

Developers are encouraged to suggest street names in accordance with the guidance below

  • no street name should start with "The"
  • street names cannot be duplicated within the area
  • subsidiary names cannot be created, for example, Kings Mews coming off King Street, as this could potentially cause confusion 
  • similar sounding names should be avoided, for example Churchill Road and Birch Hill Road 
  • street names should not be difficult to pronounce or awkward to spell 
  • names of living persons are not allowed 
  • names of deceased persons where there are living relatives, such as family names, should only be used if the permission of the family has been obtained 
  • where suggestions to commemorate past dignitaries or characters from within the borough, only the surname will be used as part of the street name 
  • street names that could be construed as advertising will not be allowed 
  • street names that could be considered offensive, such as racist, obscene or would contravene any aspect of the council’s Equal Opportunities Policy will not be acceptable; nor are names that could encourage defacing of nameplates 
  • names should preferably have less than three syllables