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myWyre Account

Council tax online

To view your council tax online, please log into your myWyre account.

Due to a recent system change, you will now need to have a myWyre account to access your council tax online account

How to register to view your council tax online

When you sign up to view your council tax account online, you will be able to:

  • view your up to date account information
  • check your balance, payments and bills in "Account activity"
  • download your current bill and previous years
  • switch to paperless billing
  • update your contact details
  • report changes in circumstances, apply for discounts or exemptions and upload evidence.

You will need your council tax account number and your unique online reference number that can be found with your latest bill.

Benefits of E-billing

E-billing is a faster, more efficient and convenient way to receive and check your council tax bills. Here are some of the advantages:

  • you can view your council tax bill and check your current balance and outstanding payments whenever you like
  • faster access to bills, so you can see your bill as soon as it's available
  • you will always know where your bill is as it is securely stored online
  • you can download and print your bill if needed, for example to show proof of address
  • it saves paper, so it's better for the environment
  • it helps us reduce printing and postage costs so we have more money to spend on services

You can always go back to paper bills if you change your mind. If you register for ebilling you are confirming that everyone named on the bill agrees to receive all future council tax bills and adjustments by email only.

If you do not have your most recent bill with your unique online reference you can request one: We cannot give this information over the telephone. The online reference changes each time we amend your account to keep it secure.

Request your unique online reference for council tax account