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Gambling licences

Occasional Use Notices

Occasional Use Notices allow licensed bookmakers to provide betting facilities at genuine sporting events for a short period of time, without needing a full betting premises licence.

An Occasional Use Notice (OUN) can be applied for if betting is to take place at a ‘track’, that is a sporting venue such as:

  • a race-track or a football ground
  • point-to point racecourses
  • golf courses
  • football, cricket and rugby grounds
  • an athletics stadium
  • venues hosting darts, bowls or snooker tournaments
  • a premises staging boxing matches
  • a section of river hosting a fishing competition
  • a motor racing event where there is no existing betting licence in place

An OUN must be served by the person who is responsible for organising the event on the ‘track’ or by the owner of the ‘track’. The OUN must specify the day on which the OUN is to take effect. If the event is to take place on consecutive days, separate OUNs must be given for each day. No more than eight OUNs can be given in a calendar year.

The notice must be served by the applicant to Wyre Council's licensing department and to the police. Please note: when submitting the below form a copy is automatically sent to the licensing department at Wyre Council and the police, so there is no requirement to send a separate copy. 

The person(s) administering the gambling under an OUN must hold a Gambling Commission operating licence. Search the Gambling Commission Public Register to check if a bookmaker is licensed.

There is no fee for an OUN.

No objection may be raised and there is no minimum notice period for the OUN to be given, though we recommend you apply at least a week in advance.

Please take time to read the information about the Gambling Act before sumitting a form for an OUN

Apply for an Occasional Use Notice