The Civic Centre reception in Poulton is closed to visitors. You can still call us on 01253 891000 or e-mail:

Lockwood Surgery remains open for patients, and the civic centre will be hosting appointment only vaccination clinics. Please wear a face covering in all parts of the building.

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Wyre's coastline

**Updated information regarding our beaches**

From Friday 5 June dogs are not allowed on our bathing beaches in Cleveleys and Fleetwood. There is still plenty more coastline to enjoy. For more information read our news story and visit our dogs page:

This summer, we want you to enjoy our beaches. Please be respectful of others and enjoy our beaches responsibly:

  • Do not take your dog on to the parts of the beach where they are banned until after 30 September
  • Only meet up in groups of no more than 6 people
  • Stay 2 meters away from people from other households at all times
  • Pick up after your dog
  • Pick up litter and take it home if the bins are full
  • Don’t take stones, they are an important part of our sea defences and taking them can be damaging for wildlife

Beach patrol update

The beach patrol service on our bathing beaches at Fleetwood and Cleveleys will start again on Saturday 6 June and will operate as per previous years:

- Weekends only from Saturday 6 June to Sunday 19 July.
- Daily from Monday 20 July to Monday 31 August.

The service will operate from 12 noon - 5pm at Fleetwood and 10.30am - 5pm at Cleveleys.

Please do take care if you choose to swim. The water is still very cold and the tide can come in quickly. There is some good advice on keeping safe on the beach on the RNLI website.

Spending time outdoors safely: 

The government has issued new guidance for people using outdoor spaces

Being able to get outside more is great for our wellbeing but your safety is our priority. Please use open spaces responsibly.

You can now spend more time outdoors to:

- Rest or have a picnic
- Exercise as much as you like and play outdoor sports as long as this is on your own, with people you live with or just you and one other person
- If you are alone you can meet up in a group of up to 6 people, but you must stay 2 meters apart

You must:

- Stay 2 meters away from anyone you don’t live with
- Avoid busy areas. If you arrive and it’s too busy please choose another place to visit
- Keep your dogs on a lead so that you can safely stay away from other people
- If you are out in the countryside, stick to paths and close gates behind you
- Take your litter home
- Always pick up after your dog
- Wash your hands as soon as you get home

We understand that you are keen to visit your favourite places, but please think twice before visiting popular spots, if they become too busy social distancing becomes extremely difficult and puts everyone in danger. Think green and stay local before driving to a beauty spot in Wyre or elsewhere.

Coronavirus has not gone away. Your actions matter. Please continue to follow government guidance to keep yourself, your loved ones and others safe.

North West Coastal Group (NWCG)

The NWCG create strategic plans for the prevention of flooding along our coastlines. 

Find out more about the work they do and have your say in the planning process

North West Coastal Group

Coastal events

We host many events along the coast throughout the year, including conservation days at Rossall Point and our famous food festival at Marine Hall theatre. Find out what events are coming up by visiting our tourism website Discover Wyre

Local weather forecasts

The Flood Hub

The Flood Hub supports communities in North West England to manage flood and coastal risks.

Their website is packed with information and resources to support local residents and businesses and help you become more resilient

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