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Bathing water quality

We have two designated bathing waters in Wyre: Fleetwood and Cleveleys. Bathing waters are designated outdoor swimming spots at beaches and lakes. The bathing water season is 15 May - 30 September each year. This is when the Environment Agency tests the water every week for levels of bacteria, taking 20 samples at each site every year. The sites must meet strict guidelines on water quality, with the aim of protecting the health of people who may want to swim, paddle or even just splash and play there.

Even where the water meets the standards, sometimes water quality can be reduced, particularly after heavy rain, so please look out for temporary signs or information online that may advise against swimming. We are proud that our bathing beaches are rated as Good by the Environment Agency. Further information on the current water quality of our bathing beaches can be found on the Swimingo widget below and also on the Swimfo website.

Bacteria in the water comes from a number of sources and can vary, but the three main sources are:

  • water draining from farms and towns during heavy rain
  • untreated sewage mixed with rainwater filling the system and overflowing into rivers and the sea (to prevent homes from flooding)
  • homes and businesses draining dirty water into the wrong pipes.

Members of the public can also play a big part by thinking about what they flush and not dropping litter. You can also take part in one of the regular beach cleans along our coast. 

Dogs on beaches

We welcome dogs on the majority of our beaches, however, we do not allow dogs on Fleetwood and Cleveleys bathing beaches from 1 May - 30 September every year. This is to help keep our bathing waters clean and healthy. During the dog ban season there are large parts of the beach where dogs are still allowed, so there is plenty of space to enjoy. Anyone breaching any of our Public Space Protection Orders relating to dogs will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice.

You can download the dog-restricted area maps for an in-depth look at where the ban includes.

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