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Local land charges search

A local land charge search is an important step in the process of buying or leasing a new home or business premise. The purpose of the service is designed to ensure that purchasers of land and/or property are not caught out by the existence of any obligations or restrictions.

The local land charges section carries out all official searches of the LLC1, Con29 and Con29O

Local land charges register

The local land charges section maintains the local land charges register for the Wyre area. A local land charge is a binding obligation on property or land, these are known as charges and are binding against successive owners by local authorities.

The register is updated daily in order to provide answers to search requests, using information provided by various departments of the council and county council, as a statutory requirement is placed on all local authorities within England and Wales, to generate, maintain and regularly update a local land charges register and to provide local searches.

Any charges registered on a local land charges register would not normally be disclosed in the title deeds or by an inspection of the property/land itself. Charges maybe of a financial or non-financial nature.

Privacy notice

Click on the land charges privacy notice below for details on how the land charges service manage your data

Land charges privacy notice