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Types of searches

LLC1 - Requisition for search and official certificate of search

Form LLC1 is an official request submitted by you or your solicitor/conveyancer, requesting the council to conduct a search of the local land charges register. The council will search the register and disclose any entries on schedules.

Full search

This search is a combination of an LLC1 form and a CON29 questionnaire and is also referred to as a standard search.

Con29 - Enquiries of the Local Authority (2016)

The CON29 questionnaire contains standard questions. Some of the questions on the CON29 are designed to act as 'warning' questions and information given can, at the end of the process, end up on the local land charges register.

However, all the information given will assist a purchaser in deciding whether to proceed with the proposed purchase.

The standard questions are sent to various departments within the council and are intended to provide additional information about the property/land you are purchasing or leasing, which are not included on the local land charges register.

Please refer to this document for further information: 

CON29 access to property and land information (standard version)

CON29 access to property and land information (accessible version)

Con29O - optional enquiries of the local authority (2016 edition)

Enquiries 4 - 22 deal with additional enquiries relating to:

  • (Q4) Road proposals by private bodies
  • (Q5) Advertisements
  • (Q6) Completion notices
  • (Q7) Parks and countryside
  • (Q8) Pipelines
  • (Q9) Houses in multiple occupation
  • (Q10) Noise abatement
  • (Q11) Urban development areas
  • (Q12) Enterprise zones, local development orders and BIDs
  • (Q13) Inner urban improvement areas
  • (Q14) Simplified planning zones
  • (Q15) Land maintenance notices
  • (Q16) Mineral consultation and safeguarding areas
  • (Q17) Hazardous substance consents
  • (Q18) Environmental and pollution notices
  • (Q19) Food safety notices
  • (Q20) Hedgerow notices
  • (Q21) Flood defence and land drainage consents
  • (Q22) Common land and town or village green

Additional charges are made for questions 4 - 22.

Fees for these services

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