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Named houses (with or without postal numbers)

Named houses (no postal number allocated) 

If your property has a name instead of a postal number and you wish to change the name, you need to apply using the Register New Addresses or Request a Change of Address form. The Council will then check the details and either approve, decline or ask for further information to assist with the request getting approval. This will ensure that properties in the same area don't have the same name in order to avoid confusion for the emergency services and the Royal Mail. 

Houses with postal numbers and names

If your property has a postal number and you want to give it a name as well, you do not need approval. However, the name may only be used informally and will not be registered by the Council.

Replacing a postal number with a name causes confusion for postal deliveries and the emergency services. You can display the name on your property and use it alongside the postal number in the address, but your property will always be identified by the number. 

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