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Apply for a private hire operator licence

Licensing officers are available to speak to without an appointment Monday to Friday, between 9am and 1pm. If you have an urgent enquiry outside these times please email

Application forms

A Wyre private hire operator's licence is required before anyone in the borough can invite, or accept bookings for private hire vehicles.

All journeys undertaken by a Wyre private hire vehicle must have been booked through a Wyre operator and the driver must also hold a Wyre dual driver’s badge. 

Private hire vehicles are identified by numbered plates on the front and rear of the vehicle which have a green background. Large adhesive door stickers must also be secured to the front doors, indicating the need to pre-book all journeys with the operator.


Licences are normally granted for five years and the fee for a private hire operator licence is determined by the number of private hire vehicles in the operator’s fleet.

  • 1-10 vehicles- £284.00
  • 11-20 vehicles- £326.00
  • 21+ vehicles- £368.00

Planning permission

Before a private hire operator's licence is granted, the applicant must satisfy the council that the address in Wyre, from where they intend to operate, is suitable. 

A private hire operator’s licence does not override the need for the premises to have the correct planning permission.

You should contact the council's planning department directly, to ensure that an appropriate consent is in force, for the use of the building. 


Private hire operators must ensure that they have an appropriate level of public liability and employers liability insurance in place for premises, vehicles and drivers under their control.

Application process

We aim to process completed applications that meet all the council's criteria within 10 working days. Applications that fall outside the criteria will be referred to the next available licensing committee for determination.

Applicants must submit the following documents to the licensing department:

  • the completed application form
  • proof that they have the right to work in the UK
  • any Director who is not already a licensed driver must submit a basic DBS certificate every three years 
  • proof of an appropriate public liability insurance policy (if a public booking office is provided)
  • proof of an appropriate employers liability insurance policy (if they employ anyone, in any capacity)
  • proof of their right to occupy the premises to be licensed
  • the appropriate fee

Once you are licensed as a Wyre operator

Licensed operators are required to keep comprehensive records of all bookings. These must include the date/time of every booking, date/time of the journey, pick up point, destination, details of the vehicle and driver despatched, along with any other remarks.

Private hire operator licences are issued subject to the councils standard conditions, which can be found in the taxi policy.

Although an operator may move address within Wyre and remain licensed, the licensing unit must be notified and planning permissions checked, as if for a new application.

Once issued, an operating licence cannot be transferred to a different licence holder.

The expiry date is clearly shown on each licence issued by the council. Private hire operators are responsible for ensuring that they submit a renewal application before their licence expires, as we do not issue reminders. 

If an operator allows their licence to lapse, they will be liable to prosecution if they continue to accept bookings or dispatch vehicles. It is also likely that any insurance would be invalid for journeys undertaken whilst the operator is unlicensed.

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If you would like further information or assistance, please contact the licensing team:

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