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Caravan site licenses

Application forms

There is no cost to apply for any of the above licences.

If you wish to have caravans positioned on your land in the Wyre area, you need a licence from us unless an exemption applies, such as:

  • Incidental use within the boundary of a dwelling house 
  • Sites approved by certain organisations such as a caravan club 
  • Building and engineering sites 
  • Travelling showman sites 
  • Sites occupied by the local authority

Further information about exemptions can be obtained from the licensing department.

Planning permission

Before you can apply to operate a caravan site you must hold planning permission for the development of the site, which will provide conditions which must be complied with regard to how the land can be used. Without relevant planning permission, you cannot apply for a licence.

Types of sites

There are over 50 caravan sites in the Borough of Wyre. These are classed as residential, holiday or touring sites, although a licence can be granted for a mixture of these. Operators are required by law to hold a licence which must be displayed permanently on site, usually in the site office.
Sites will be inspected periodically by the council’s licensing compliance officer and also other officers from departments such as health and safety and planning.

Change of owner

If you have acquired the lease or ownership of a licensed caravan site you will need to have the licence details changed. Please apply for a change of the site licence.

Variation of site

If you have been granted a change to the planning permission for the site and you wish have this reflected in the caravan site licence, you must inform the licensing department after the planning department has issued their notification. We will not automatically issue an update site licence to take into account the changes. Please apply for a variation of the site licence


Site licences include a number of conditions that ensure that standards are met and maintained and regulate aspects such as distances between units and the safety and adequacy of services like drainage, electrical and water supplies.

Although conditions applied to licences are standardised, they vary to accommodate the type of licence granted to a site. Residential sites are subject to more stringent conditions than holiday or touring sites, as they are occupied on a permanent basis.
Although some sites may have a variety of units on them including statics caravans, lodges and large units, the classification remains the same. If the unit can be transported from place to place, it is a caravan.

The licence conditions for each one differ but the main differences are:

  • A touring site is used for caravans on a short term temporary basis, that is, a caravan cannot be placed on the site for more than 21 days in any period of 28 days. There must be disposal, washing and toilet facilities on site.
  • A holiday site has a 12 month licence but the site should not be used as a person’s main home. They should be able to provide a home address to the owner who should maintain a register of this information.
  • A residential site is often referred to as a park home site. A park home will be the occupier’s main address and where they are registered for council tax and voting. Another address is not required to be lodged with the site owner. Park homes may be static types or lodges and will be plumbed in to the main sewerage and electrical systems and the standard distance between units is also larger to allow for greater privacy. Residential sites also have the benefit of additional legislation.

The following documents provide details about the different model standards:

Important advice

It is advisable to take legal advice when purchasing a unit on a site, as the cost of units on both holiday or residential sites can be very expensive. It may also be a valuable exercise to ensure that you are aware of exactly what you have purchased with regard to the type of site (holiday or residential) and what the limitations for occupancy of a unit are. Unless the site is licensed and has planning permission for residential use, no persons may reside on the site on a permanent basis and residents must be able to supply an alternative address to the site owner.  

Closed period

Recent changes to planning permission granted for a number of holiday caravan sites mean that they may benefit from all year round use. However, they cannot be used for residential purposes, and doing so can put the occupier at risk of eviction.
The granting of 11 or 12 months permission enables holiday caravan owners to benefit from visiting the area whenever they wish, and caravans now on sale are much better insulated, frequently more spacious and generally more comfortable. However, they are still designed for holiday purposes.

Mobile Homes Act 2013 (MHA2013)

The MHA2013 has been introduced with the aim of giving greater protection to the occupiers of mobile homes on residential sites (relevant protected sites). Part of the requirement is for the site owner to consult with residents and produce a set of site rules for the site. The council does not enforce these rules and they have been written by the site owner, not by the council, however we are required to keep and publish a register of each set of site rules sent to the council. Although some rules may be a duplicate of the site licence conditions, the site rules are part of the contract between the home owner and site owner, and supplement the Mobile Homes Act agreement.

Contact us

If you would like any further assistance with caravan park licensing or would like a current list of sites in the Wyre area, please contact the licensing department:

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