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Reductions, discounts and exemptions

Single person discount

The single person discount provides you with 25 percent off your council tax bill. To qualify for the discount you must be the only adult (who counts for council tax purposes) resident in the property. Anyone who is temporarily away from home (such as working away or on holiday) is counted as being resident with you. 

To apply for or remove a single person discount, please complete the online form.

You should also use this form if your circumstances have changed and you need to remove a single person discount from your council tax bill.

For further information or assistance please contact us

Empty property discount 

Properties that are unoccupied and substantially unfurnished receive a discount of 100 percent for one month. The discount is for property and starts when it becomes unoccupied and unfurnished and once the month has expired it does not start again if there is a change in ownership/tenant.

If you qualify for empty property discount please contact us

Job related second home discount

If you live in, and pay council tax for a property which your employer requires you to occupy, and you are liable for council tax on a second furnished property, you may qualify for a discount of 50 percent.

If you would like to apply please complete the form below:

Job related second home discount application form 

Disabled band reduction

If there is a room or other extra space in a property that is needed by a disabled occupant, the disabled band reduction scheme may help to get a reduction in your council tax.

Uninhabitable discount

You can receive a 25 percent discount for a maximum period of 12 months for unfurnished dwellings which require, or are undergoing, major/structural repair work to render them habitable. If the property remains in the same condition after 12 months it will become liable for the full charge.

Uninhabitable discount application form

Please note: if work has already been completed, supporting evidence will be required such as photographs and invoices for materials/labour. Please upload your supporting evidence to the evidence request form

Discount for annexes

You do not have to pay Council Tax for an annex if it forms part of a single property that includes another dwelling that cannot be let separately from the main building due to a planning restriction, or is occupied by a dependent relative, for example a person aged over 65, or someone severely mentally impaired or substantially and permanently disabled. Where an annexe is rated separately and used by the occupier of the main building, or a member of their family, a 50% reduction will apply.

If you would like to apply please complete the form below:

Discount for annexes application form

For further information about exemptions for annexes please refer to council tax exemptions

Further discounts and reductions

With regard to discounts, people in the following groups do not count towards the number of adults resident in a dwelling:

If all but one of the occupants fall into any of these groups then a 25 percent discount will apply.

If all of the occupants fall into any of these groups then a 50 percent discount or even a full exemption may apply.


Some properties are exempt from council tax altogether which means that no amount is payable for as long as the exemption lasts.

Please see below details of exemptions. If your current circumstances exempt you from paying council tax, or you are acting on behalf of someone who's circumstances exempts them from paying council tax then please contact us

Contact us

If you would like further information or assistance, please contact the revenues team:

Telephone: 01253 891000

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