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Comment on, object to or support a planning application

How to comment on, object to, or support an undecided planning application

We receive many different types of applications for planning permission or other forms of consent. Where required, we publicise such applications in a number of ways. The most common form of publicity is by directly notifying those properties adjoining a development site by letter. We may also put up a site notice or notices at the site. We are also required to advertise certain types of applications for development by placing a notice in a local newspaper.

You may comment on, object to, or support an undecided planning application, and your comments must be made in one or more of the following ways:

Before commenting please look at the application form and plans.

Important information

  • All representations submitted in response to planning applications are treated as public documents and will be published on our website. Any matter, issue, information or material that you want the council to take into account in the determination of a planning application must be submitted in full, and any correspondence, particularly emails, which provide links to other documents or to other web sites will be deleted/returned as inappropriate and not taken into account, as the council is not able to vet their content and will not be held responsible or liable for any information or material in those documents or on those sites. Any representation on planning matters would then need to be resubmitted in order for the council to take it in to account
  • In accordance with relevant legislation and guidance personal details, including names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, and signatures will not be published
  • Due to the volume of comments received, letters are not acknowledged nor can we enter into correspondence or discussion on points raised
  • The council cannot publish or retain on a planning application file, any letter, email or other written material which is considered to be defamatory, libelous, or otherwise offensive and any such emails will be deleted and any letters will be returned to the sender. Any representation on planning matters would then need to be resubmitted in order for the council to take it in to account
  • If emailing your comments, you are advised to send them as an attachment

How decisions are made

The applications we receive fall into three main types;

  • applications for planning permission
  • applications for prior approval
  • applications for the approval of details reserved by condition

Applications for planning permission are subject to publicity requirements and any person may comment on, object to, or support any such application.

The law requires that to the extent that development plan policies are material to an application for planning permission the decision must be taken in accordance with the development plan unless there are material considerations that indicate otherwise. Where the development plan is absent, silent or the relevant policies are out of date, paragraph 14 of the National planning policy framework requires the application to be determined in accordance with the presumption in favour of sustainable development unless otherwise specified.

The scope of what can constitute a material consideration is very wide. In general the courts have taken the view that planning is concerned with land use in the public interest, so that the protection of purely private interests such as the impact of a development on the value of a neighbouring property or loss of private rights to light could not be material considerations.

Some matters which can be taken into account include:

  • Relevant policies of the development plan
  • Relevant statements of National planning policy
  • Relevant statements of National planning guidance
  • The impacts of the development in respect of matters such as design, scale, amenity (for example, privacy, overshadowing and noise), highway safety, the natural environment and the historic built environment

Some matters which cannot be taken into account include:

  • Impact of the development on property value
  • Loss of a view
  • Boundary disputes/land ownership issues
  • Private matters between neighbours, such as covenants, rights of access and damage to property arising from development
  • Trade/commercial competition between similar uses

All representations received by the council on applications for planning permission will be taken into account in so far as they raise relevant material planning considerations.

The council’s scheme of delegation, which forms part of the council’s constitution allows for applications to be determined by the Head of Planning Services or other senior planning officers unless a request is made under the terms of the scheme of delegation by a councillor for the application to be determined by the Planning Committee.

If an application does go to the Planning Committee for a decision, there is an opportunity for the public to address the planning Committee under our scheme for public speaking at committee meetings.

Applications for prior approval are made for those developments which the government consider are acceptable in principle such that planning permission is not required. Nonetheless, an application must be submitted to the council so that the council can consider certain detailed matters. These applications have to be determined within a short timescale (42 or 56 days). For most types of application for prior approval the council is required to publicise the application and take into account any representations received. The matters that can be considered, however, varies according to the type of development.

Because a decision on this type of application has to be made within a short timescale, they are determined by the Head of Planning Services or by other senior planning officers under delegated powers granted by the council in its constitution, and are not determined by the council’s planning committee.

For applications for the approval of details reserved by condition, there is no requirement to publicise these and they are determined by The Head of Planning Services or other senior planning officers under delegated powers granted by the council in its constitution.

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