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How to comment on a planning application

Important information when commenting on a planning application

All representations submitted in response to planning applications are treated as public documents and will be published on our website.

Any matter that you want the council to take into account in the determination of a planning application must be submitted in full. Any correspondence which provides links to other documents or web sites will be deleted or returned as inappropriate and not taken into account This is because the council is not able to vet their content and can not be held liable for any information or material from external sources. 

In accordance with relevant legislation and guidance, personal details including names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, and signatures will not be published. For this reason, we will not publish petitions.

The council cannot publish or retain on file, any letter, email or other written material which is considered to be defamatory, libelous, or otherwise offensive. Any such emails will be deleted and letters will be returned to the sender. Any views expressed in such correspondence will not be taken in to account in determining the application.  

If emailing your comments, you are advised to send them as an attachment. Due to the volume of comments received, we do not issue acknowledgements or enter into correspondence on points raised.