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Do you need a bigger bin?

We realise that larger households may need a bigger bin. However, prior to this being agreed, a waste audit will be undertaken by one of our officers to ensure you are recycling as much as possible

If it is agreed that you need a bigger bin we will swap your current one for a larger 360ltr one, which will be big enough for a majority of larger households (generally classed as five or more in the family).

When we visit you we will look at the number of permanent residents in the household, and temporary visitors or animals are not included. We will also use information from other council sections and agencies to support this.

We realise that residents with an underlying medical condition can produce more non-recyclable waste and may need a bigger bin, however, we still need to conduct a waste audit to ensure the household is recycling appropriately. Evidence of the underlying condition may be required before we can give you a bigger bin.

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