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Bins for new build properties

If you move into a newly built property you will need a grey, a blue and a red bin for your household waste. You may be given reconditioned bins, but they will be fit for use.

To prevent injury to staff, or damage to refuse collection vehicles, all wheeled bins must meet a minimum design specification as provided by us. This is to make sure that they are compatible with the lifting equipment on our vehicles. If waste is not in a suitable wheeled bin, collection will stop until a wheeled bin is provided.

Please note that the bins will remain the property of the council and should not be taken from the property. 

Who is responsible for the payment

We expect property developers to meet the cost of providing a set of bins for their developments, and advise that you request your bins from your developer. However, if they refuse to pay for the bins, you will need to do so.

What happens if you don't pay

If you decline to pay for the supply of a wheeled bin you will be served with a section 46 notice under the Environmental Protection Action 1990 and/or other relevant legislation. The notice will require you to provide the necessary container for your waste. Failure to comply with this notice may lead us to issue a fixed penalty notice and/or undertake a prosecution against you.

Once a legal notice is served on a property, collection of incorrectly presented waste (not in a suitable wheeled bin) will stop, pending the supply of the necessary wheeled bin.

How to order a set of bins

If you need to ask us to supply the bins, there will be an administration and delivery charge of £71 for a set of three bins, payable in full at the time of order.

You can also subscribe to the green waste collection service. To do this you will need to order a green bin. If you order this at the same time as the other bins, the administration and delivery charge will be £95 for the four bins. There is also an annual green waste subscription charge to pay if you do choose to subscribe. 

To order a set of bins, please complete the online form:

Request a set of bins online

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