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Request a set of bins

You may be given reconditioned bins but they will be fit for purpose.

There is an administration and delivery charge.

Find out what you put in the household bins. If you order a green bin, we will not collect it unless there is a valid green waste subscription

If you already have a grey bin, you will not be entitled to another as standard. The delivery driver will not leave another grey bin and if identified at a later date, it will not be emptied. Only one grey bin per household is collected as standard. No refunds will be applied in these circumstances.

We cannot provide delivery appointments or guaranteed days and bins will not be delivered to empty properties.

If you have a myWyre account, you can track the progress of this form.

Update 13th July 2021
Please be aware that red bins are out of stock for a very short period. You may still request a set of bins using this form, but there will be a delay in the delivery of red bins once stock is replenished as older requests are fulfilled first.