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Information for consumers

Food Complaints

If you have consumed food or drink at premises in our district and experienced poor food hygiene practices, then we can investigate the matter on your behalf. If you have purchased a food item and consider it to be unsafe, then we will need to see the food to establish whether there is a problem that we can investigate.

Report a food problem

  • Keep possession of the food item
  • Keep any receipts, labels and packaging materials
  • Try to preserve the food or drink in its original condition
  • Store perishable foods in the chiller or freezer until it is collected by us, or until you bring it into the Civic Centre. If you are complaining about mould then place the food in the freezer, particularly if it is a weekend.

The outcome and length of time it takes to investigate a complaint will depend on the circumstances. We will keep you informed of any information we receive and action taken if appropriate.  If any legal action is taken then this may involve you giving a witness statement and giving evidence in court.