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Your data rights

Right to be informed

You have the right to be informed about the collection and use of your personal data.

The council will use a ‘privacy notice’ to inform you how and why we intend to process your data.

There are a few circumstances when we do not need to provide you with a privacy notice, for instance, if you already have the information, if it would be impossible or involve disproportionate effort to let you know or if the data collection is set in law and measures are in place to safeguard privacy.

So what can I expect to see on my privacy notice?

  • details of who the data controller is
  • the legal basis for processing your data and the purpose(s) we will use it for
  • who we share your data with
  • how long we will retain it and the method of destruction
  • your rights as a data subject
  • if we are transferring your data outside the European Economic Area
  • if your data will be subject to any automated decision making
  • who the council’s Data Protection Officer is, and
  • how to contact the Information Commissioner if you feel the council is handling your data incorrectly

The council has an overarching privacy notice

The council will also have individual service privacy notices If you can’t find the privacy notice you wish to see, please complete the online data request application form

If we intend to use your data for a purpose other than that which we initially intended we will also issue you a further privacy notice prior to processing.

The council’s privacy notices will be reviewed on a regular basis, but if you feel that we have not provided you with the necessary information on your privacy notice, or you are not happy with how we are processing your data, please contact the council’s Data Protection Officer.

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