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What is council tax and who has to pay

What is council tax

Council tax is a tax on domestic property.

We collect council tax to help pay for the services provided by various public organisations in the area:

  • Lancashire County Council (charge includes the adult social care precept)
  • Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner
  • Lancashire Combined Fire Authority
  • Local parish/town councils
  • Wyre Council

The amount of council tax you pay depends on:

  • how much these organisations need to spend to deliver local services
  • how much funding they get from elsewhere
  • the council tax band your home is in. This is determined by the Valuation Office Agency, who have allocated every home in England one of eight bands (A-H) according to its estimated sale value on 01 April, 1991. New properties are valued as if they existed in 1991. You can check to see which band your home is in
  • your circumstances and the circumstances of anyone else who lives with you

For 2024/25 a local home in band D will pay a total of £226.31 for the services delivered by Wyre Council.

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