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Temporary event notices

Standard TENs

Standard TENs must be submitted at least ten working days before the event takes place (not including the date of submission and the first date of the event).

Copies of TENs must be served on the police and Environmental Health team, who have 3 working days to consider the notice.

If the licensing authority receives an objection from the police or Environmental Health team, it must hold a hearing to consider the objection (unless all parties agree that a hearing is unnecessary).

The licensing committee may decide to allow the licensable activities to go ahead in accordance with the Notice.

If the premises to be used have a premises licence, the committee may impose one or more of the existing licence conditions on the TEN if it considers it appropriate to do so.

If it considers that the event would undermine the licensing objectives and should not take place, it must serve a counter notice.

Although ten clear working days is the minimum notice that may be given for a standard TEN, applicants are advised to submit their TEN at the earliest opportunity.

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