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Housing benefit on two homes

Housing benefit is usually only paid on the home you live in.

There are however some circumstances in which you may be able to get help for two homes. For example:

  • You have moved to a new home which you have to pay rent for but you must still pay rent for your old home. This classed as unavoidable overlapping benefit
  • You have moved to a new home that you don't pay rent for, but you still have to pay rent for your old home. This may be a relatives or friends home or a nursing home
  • You have moved into other rented accommodation due to fear of violence
  • You are a student or trainee, one of a couple, and have to live in separate rented accommodation because of your course work


You can make an application for benefit on two homes by completing the below form:

Application form for housing benefit on two homes

Try and answer all of the questions on the form providing as much information as you can.

All requests for benefit on two homes are considered based on the facts and circumstances of each individual case, no two are ever the same.

Alternatively you can visit the mobile advice centre or visit Wyre Civic Centre

Unavoidable overlapping benefit

Help may be available if you have moved and you still have to pay rent for your last home.

If the situation is unavoidable, for example, you were offered a new home to rent but were unable to give your landlord the notice he required, benefit may be paid for up to four weeks on your old home.

For this to be considered you must have moved into your new home.

You do not always have to be responsible for paying rent at your new home.

Fear of violence

Where you have left your former home and remain absent due to fear of violence occurring either in, or outside your home.

In all cases, we must consider if it is reasonable to do so and benefit may be paid for a maximum of 52 weeks.

For benefit to be paid, you must intend to return to and live in the home you left.

Student or trainees

Couples living in separate rented accommodation may receive benefit for both properties.

We must consider that separate accommodation is unavoidable and it is reasonable to pay benefit on both homes.

There is no time limit to this.

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