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Wyre Council secures funding for our coastal towns

ccf Published Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Wyre residents and visitors are set to benefit from a number of successful funding bids announced over the weekend.

A grant of £772,085 has been secured from the Coastal Community Fund, which will go towards a £1.22m project called ‘Joining Up the Wyre Coastline Economy’. The vision is to link the coastal economies of Cleveleys and Fleetwood by strengthening ties between key visitor attractions using digital signage and an interactive app. The project includes the refurbishment and modernisation of Fleetwood Market to create new units and pop up stalls and space for start-up businesses.

The Coastal Community Fund will be split across five key projects:

  • Development of the outdoor market space at Fleetwood Market. Introducing new stalls, a new seating/entertainments area, cultural calendar, new signage and resurfacing of the ground
  • Redevelopment of 220 sq metres of currently vacant first floor flats above Fleetwood Market to develop creative/shared studio space for new start-ups
  • Internal improvements to the market, including the creation of two accessible studio spaces for people with disabilities
  • The development of an interactive trail that would encourage visitors to our attractions via an app that can be downloaded to a mobile device. This would promote our attractions and also encourage outdoor activities and healthy living
  • The installation of new digital signage from Cleveleys to Fleetwood providing information on local events/interactive trail

Wyre Council has also secured just under £50,000 as part of the Coastal Revival Fund. This will develop outline feasibility studies to look at the streetscape of Victoria Street (the main street between the Fleetwood Museum and Fleetwood Market). It will also assess the current entrances to Fleetwood Market and Fleetwood Museum and will produce an energy saving feasibility study. With these appropriate studies in place work will take place to transform an area which is currently underutilised to create an historic quarter. This will complement the larger Coastal Communities Fund grant.

Garry Payne, Chief Executive at Wyre Council comments: “We are very pleased to have received this funding and the wide variety of projects we have put forward demonstrate the potential of our coastal town of Fleetwood. With its rich heritage we can now use this funding to enhance the area for tourists and the local community.”

Wyre will also benefit from improved opportunities for walking and cycling after South Lakeland District Council and Morecambe Bay Partnership were awarded £2.35 million, part of which will be used to extend the Bay Cycle Way from Glasson Dock to Fleetwood. Further details of this can be found at


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