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Local plan 2011-2031

On the 26 January 2023 Wyre council adopted the Wyre Local Plan (2011-2031) (incorporating partial update of 2022) (the “Local Plan”).  Wyre's new Local Plan is a revised replacement of the Wyre Local Plan (2011-2031) retaining all of its policies except those revised by the partial update.

Information for appeals and historical use only

Superseded Adoption Statement

Superseded Wyre Local Plan (2011-2031)

Adopted Policies Map

Adopted Policies Map Urban Extract

Inspectors Report 1 February 2019 

Sustainability Appraisal August 2017

Sustainability Appraisal Non-Technical Summary August 2017

Sustainability Appraisal Addendum September 2018 

Sustainability Appraisal Post Adoption Statement March 2019

Copies of the above mentioned documents are available for inspection free of charge at Wyre's Civic Centre, Poulton and at local libraries. Library opening times can be viewed at the Lancashire County Council website

The local plan is also supported by technical assessments, including:

Paper copies of the local plan and the policies map can be purchased from the Planning Policy team.

Inspector's final report on the Wyre local plan

Wyre Council submitted the local plan to the Planning Inspectorate on 23 January 2018 and following examination, the Inspector's final report was issued on 1 February 2019.

Local plan consultation database

If you want to hear more about the local plan process the council operates, you can sign up to the local plan consultation database

Local plan evidence

The council has prepared an evidence base to inform the local plan. The evidence has been made available (where possible) on the council’s website as it has been completed. Any evidence not available on the website is available at request.

For any enquiries regarding the local plan please contact: