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Landlord portal

Terms and conditions

By using the 'landlord portal' it is understood that Wyre Council is allowing you, the landlord, to access details of your claimant's information, as prescribed by law, via the ‘landlord portal’. In doing so you should not disclose your details, such as username and password, to any unauthorised person.

  • I understand that I am being given access to data held by Wyre Council, on the agreement that I am a landlord, in receipt of housing benefit for claimants. I will notify the council at once whenever I cease to be a claimant’s landlord
  • I agree to take steps to protect the security of the data that I have access to. Any information I obtain via this portal must not be disclosed to a third party
  • I agree when accessing and using the information I comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and all other legal obligations when assessing and using the system
  • I will not deliberately introduce viruses, or any other malware into the council’s computer system
  • I agree that if a member of staff leaves who has access to the landlord portal I will inform the council immediately and we will be issued a new password
  • I accept that Wyre Council has the right to revoke this access at any time should they deem it necessary
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