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Street care and cleaning

Our street cleaning service covers the large Wyre borough area of 283.3 square kilometres.

The service is responsible for keeping the adopted highways clean and litter free together with other land such as verges, footways, car parks, promenades and parks.

We have a legal duty under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, to act as the litter authority for Wyre. This responsiblity inlcudes street cleaning, litter collection, the removal of detritus, fly-posting, graffiti and fly tipping on public land which is maintained by the council.

What street cleaning service do we provide?

The service we provide is based on the requirements set out in the Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse 2006, including types of land, zoning, response times and responsibilities of authorities to maintain cleanliness standards. This includes:

  • Daily cleansing of priority areas (busy public areas) (see below).
  • Routine sweeping of the channels of the adopted roads in the borough on a programmed basis of at least every four weeks.
  • A rolling programme of footpath sweeping throughout the borough.
  • Removal of nearly 2500 tonnes of litter from the streets, pavements and beaches of Wyre.
  • Removal of dead animals from adopted highways.
  • Provision of, and emptying of litter bins.
  • Removal of litter from community clean-ups.

High profile priority areas (mechanical sweeper or manual cleanse at least six days a week)


  • Shakespeare Road Shopping Parade
  • Manor Road Shopping Parade
  • West View Shopping Parade
  • Chatsworth Road Shopping Parade
  • Larkholme Shopping Parade
  • Broadwater Shopping Parade
  • Poulton Road Shopping Parade
  • Lord Street Shopping Centre


  • Victoria Road (Duck pond to Promenade)
  • Promenade (Both Levels)
  • Beachwood Road Shopping Parade
  • Beach Road
  • Rossall Gate
  • Thornton Gate
  • North Drive Shopping Parade


  • Poulton Square
  • Holt Lane Shopping Parade
  • Breck Road Shopping Parade
  • Normoss Shopping Parade


  • Victoria Road (Four Lane Ends to Thornton Precinct)
  • Victoria Road East Shopping Centre
  • Thornton Precinct
  • Lawsons Road Shopping Parade
  • Fleetwood Road Shopping Parade (opposite windmill)


  • Croston Road (Shopping Parade)
  • High Street
  • Market Place
  • Bridge Street
  • Parkhill Road

Knott End/Preesall

  • Lancaster Road
  • The Esplanade
  • Bourne May Road
  • Promenade 
  • Sandy Lane
  • Pilling Lane

Great Eccleston

  • Raikes Road
  • Copp Lane 

Fleetwood Outer Promenade (at least twice a week)

  • Old Pier to the New Lookout Tower
  • Old Pier to 5 Bar Gate , Rossall / Cleveleys 

Zones and response times

All areas maintained by the council have been classified into one of four main land zones, which are set out in the code of practice on litter and refuse. If a site falls to a grade C or D for either litter and refuse or detritus, it is deemed to be unacceptable, and should be rectified within the set response times as laid out below:





Response time

Zone 1 - high intensity of use

High profile - busy public areas

Half a day - This means by 6pm if reported by 1pm; or by 1pm the next duty day if reported between 1pm and 6pm on the previous day.

Zone 2 - medium intensity of use

'Everyday' areas, including most housing areas occupied by people most of the time

1 day - This means by 6pm the following evening.

Zone 3 - low intensity of use

Lightly trafficked areas that do not impact upon most people's lives most of the time

14 days

Zone 4 - areas with special circumstances

Situations where issues of health and safety, reasonableness and practicality are dominant considerations when undertaking environmental maintenance work

28 days - or as soon as reasonably practicable.

What we don't provide

We do not remove litter from private land, unadopted roads or unadopted footpaths.

Privacy policy

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