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Street care and cleaning

The street cleaning service keeps the adopted highways clean and litter free. We also maintain other land such as verges, footways, car parks, promenades and parks. Our service covers an area of 283.3 square kilometres.

We have a legal duty (under the Environmental Protection Act 1990) to act as the litter authority for Wyre.

The service we provide is based on the requirements set out in the Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse 2006. This identifies the types of land, zoning, response times and responsibilities of authorities.

What we do

In areas that are maintained by the council, our street cleaning service will provide:

  • Daily cleansing of priority areas
  • Routine sweeping of the adopted roads in the borough. This is on a programmed basis of at least every four weeks
  • Footpath sweeping throughout the borough
  • Removal of litter from the streets, pavements and beaches
  • Removal of dead animals from adopted highways
  • Provision of and emptying of litter bins
  • Removal of litter from community clean-ups

We are not required to maintain private land, roads or footpaths.

Zones and response times

All areas maintained by the council have been classified into one of four main land zones, which are set out in the code of practice on litter and refuse 

If a site falls to a grade C or D for either litter and refuse or detritus, it is deemed to be unacceptable, and should be rectified within the set response times.


Privacy policy

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Information on Street care and cleaning