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Submission draft Wyre local plan examination

Wyre Council submitted the local plan to the Planning Inspectorate on 23 January 2018 and following Examination the Inspector's final report was issued on 1st February 2019.

This page should be viewed alongside the submission webpage from which the original submission library may be accessed. The submission document library also contains a full set of representations (see ED120) submitted at the local plan publication stage.

Further library items added as the examination progressed are listed below.

Latest news

1 February 2019 - The Council have now received the Inspector's Final Report and the final schedule of Main Modifications. A Council meeting on 28 February has provisionally been set for the formal adoption of the Local Plan. On receipt of the Local Plan Inspector's report the examination is formally closed.

The Inspector

Inspector Mark Dakeyne BA (Hons) MRTPI was appointed to undertake an independent examination into the soundness of the plan and subsequently issued a report with his conclusions and recommendations.

The Programme Officer

Tony Blackburn fufilled the role of Programme Officer and now that the Council have received the Inspector's report his duties are concluded. Any further enquiries regarding the Local Plan should be sent directly to the planning policy team:

The hearings

As part of the examination process the Inspector held a series of hearings at the Civic Centre, Breck Road, Poulton-le-Fylde between Tuesday 15 May and Tuesday 5 June 2018.

Main Modifications

The council’s Main Modifications consultation ended on 24 October 2018. Responses received during the consultation period were forwarded to the Inspector to assist his deliberations and progress towards his final report. Further details of the consultation exercise can be found on the consultation webpage.

Examination library items

These were added here as the examination progresses.

Items added prior to start of hearings

EL1.001a Inspector’s Preliminary Questions Inspector 19.03.2018
EL1.001b Wyre Council's Response to the Inspector’s
Preliminary Questions
Council 27.03.2018
EL1.002a Inspector’s Preliminary Questions and Comments
on Allocations
Inspector 23.03.2018
EL1.002b Wyre Council's Response to the Inspector’s
Preliminary Questions and Comments on Allocations
Council 04.04.2018

Programme Officer letter to representors

Programme Officer 23.03.2018

Examination Guidance Note

Inspector 23.03.2018

Programme Officer letter to representors (MIQs)

Programme Officer 06.04.2018

Inspector’s Matters Issues and Questions (MIQs)

Inspector 06.04.2018

Draft hearings participant list

Programme Officer 03.05.2018

Programme Officer email to hearing participants

Programme Officer 03.05.2018

Email from Programme Officer to participants

Programme Officer 10.05.2018
EL1.007 Employment Land Monitoring Report 2017/18 Council 10.05.2018
EL1.008a LCC M55 Junction 1 - Technical Note Dec 2016 Council 11.05.2018
EL1.008b LCC M55 Junction 1 Model 2 - Technical Note
May 2017
Council 11.05.2018
EL1.008c LCC M55 Junction 1 Model 3 - Broughton
Roundabout Scheme Oct 2017
Council 11.05.2018
EL1.008d LCC M55 Junction 1 Model 4 and 4a - Technical
Note Dec 2017
Council 11.05.2018
EL1.009a Written Submission of United Utilities (Matter 8
– Forton and Hollins Lane)
Council 11.05.2018
EL1.009b Written Submission of United Utilities - Appendices Council 11.05.2018

Responses from representors to the Inspector’s MIQs

EL2.001a Matter 1 John Knight for Elaine Deegan
EL2.001b Matter 2 John Knight for Elaine Deegan
EL2.001c Matter 8 (Inskip) John Knight for Elaine Deegan
EL2.002 Matter 2, 3 and 4 JWPC for Ireland and Platt (1026)
EL2.003 Matter 8 (Inskip) Cecilia Reynolds (1005)
EL2.004 Matter 8 (Thornton) Thornton Flood Action Gp (0974)
EL2.005 Matter 8 (Inskip) Inskip w Sowerby PC (0659)
EL2.006i Matter 3 and 8 (Thornton) Thornton Action Gp (0072)
EL2.006ii Lamb's Road Inquiry app 1 Thornton Action Gp (0072)
EL2.006iii Lamb's Road Inquiry app 2 Thornton Action Gp (0072)
EL2.006iv Lamb's Road Inquiry app 3 appendix A Thornton Action Gp (0072)
EL2.006v Lamb's Road Inquiry app 4 appendix B Thornton Action Gp (0072)
EL2.006vi Lamb's Road Inquiry app 5 appendix C Thornton Action Gp (0072)
EL2.006vii Lamb's Road Inquiry app 6 appendix C cont Thornton Action Gp (0072)
EL2.006viii Lamb's Road Inquiry app 7 appendix D Thornton Action Gp (0072)
EL2.006ix Lamb's Road Inquiry app 8 appendix E Thornton Action Gp (0072)
EL2.006x Lamb's Road Inquiry app 9 appendix E cont Thornton Action Gp (0072)
EL2.006xi Lamb's Road Inquiry app 10 appendix F Thornton Action Gp (0072)
EL2.006xii Lamb's Road Inquiry app 11 appendix G Thornton Action Gp (0072)
EL2.007 Matter 1, 3, 4, 5 and 10 Home Builders Federation (0297)
EL2.008 Matter 3  Ashley Cutts (0127)
EL2.009 Matter 8 (Inskip) Ben Wallace MP (-)
EL2.010 Matters 2, 3, 4 and 7                  SOSRA (0510)
EL2.011a Matter 3 Smith and Love for Applethwaite Ltd
EL2.011b Matters 8 (Poulton-le-Fylde) and 9 Smith and Love for Applethwaite Ltd
EL2.012 Matter 8 (Garstang) Smith and Love re J and R Parkinson
(0947, 0948)
EL2.013 Matter 8 (Catterall)         Mosaic Town Planning for Beecham
Developments (0960)
EL2.014 Matters 2, 3, 5 and 8 (Forton and Hollins Lane) Forton Parish Council (0412)
EL2.015a Matter 6 Barton Willmore for Assoc British
Ports (0299)
EL2.015b Matter 8 (Fleetwood) Barton Willmore for Assoc British
Ports (0299)
EL2.016 Matter 8 (Inskip) B Dearnaley (0891)
EL2.017 Matter 8 (Inskip) M Nunn (0860)
EL2.018 Matter 8 (Inskip) J Frost (0923)
EL2.019 Matter 8 (Inskip) G Diaper (0664)
EL2.020 Matter 8 (Inskip) D Hogarth (0665)
EL2.021 Matter 8 (Inskip) IRAG (0995)
EL2.022a Matter 1 Emery Planning re Wainhomes NW
EL2.022b Matter 2 Emery Planning re Wainhomes NW
EL2.022c Matter 3 Emery Planning re Wainhomes NW
EL2.022d Matter 4 Emery Planning re Wainhomes NW
EL2.022e Matter 8 (Various) Emery Planning re Wainhomes NW
EL2.023 Matter 8 (Fleetwood) Lancashire County Council (0847)
EL2.024 Matter 1, 3, 4 and 6 Fylde Council (0289)
EL2.025 Matter 1, 3, 4 and 8 (Various) Blackpool Council (0032)
EL2.026 Matters 2 & 8 (Norcross) Smith and Love for Telereal Trillium
EL2.027a Matter 1 Strategic Land Group (0963)
EL2.027b Matter 3 Strategic Land Group (0963)
EL2.028a Matter 1 Lichfields for Taylor Wimpey (0363)
EL2.028b Matter 2 Lichfields for Taylor Wimpey (0363)
EL2.028c Matter 3 Lichfields for Taylor Wimpey (0363)
EL2.028d Matter 4 Lichfields for Taylor Wimpey (0363)
EL2.028e Matter 5 Lichfields for Taylor Wimpey (0363)
EL2.028f Matter 8 (Garstang) Lichfields for Taylor Wimpey (0363)
EL2.028g Matter 9 Lichfields for Taylor Wimpey (0363)
EL2.029 Matter 8 (Stalmine) De Pol Assoc for Wainhomes
EL2.030a Matter 2 De Pol Assoc for Metacre (0962)
EL2.030b Matter 3 De Pol Assoc for Metacre (0962)
EL2.030c Matter 8 (Inskip) De Pol Assoc for Metacre (0962)
EL2.030d Matter 8 (Great Eccleston) De Pol Assoc for Metacre (0962)
EL2.031 Matter 1 JWPC for M Capital Dev Ltd and TNPG
Sandeman (1027)
EL2.032 Matter 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 (various) and 9 Hollins Strategic Land (0358)
EL2.033 This submission has been withdrawn by the representor
EL2.034 Matter 1 PH Desborough (0895)
EL2.035a Matter 1  B Willmore re Story Homes  (0360)
EL2.035b Matter 2 B Willmore re Story Homes  (0360)
EL2.035c Matter 3 B Willmore re Story Homes  (0360)
EL2.035d Matter 4 B Willmore re Story Homes  (0360)
EL2.035e Matter 5 B Willmore re Story Homes  (0360)
EL2.035f Matter 8 (Poulton-le-Fylde) B Willmore re Story Homes  (0360)
EL2.035g Matter 9 B Willmore re Story Homes  (0360)
EL2.035h Appendix 1 B Willmore re Story Homes  (0360)
EL2.035i Appendix 2 B Willmore re Story Homes  (0360)
EL2.035j Appendix 3 B Willmore re Story Homes  (0360)
EL2.035k Appendix 4 B Willmore re Story Homes  (0360)
EL2.035l Appendix 5 B Willmore re Story Homes  (0360)
EL2.035m Appendix 6 B Willmore re Story Homes  (0360)
EL2.036a Matter 2 Cass Associates for Redrow Homes
EL2.036b Matter 3 Cass Associates for Redrow Homes
EL2.036c Matter 8 (Thornton) Cass Associates for Redrow Homes
EL2.037 Matter 2, 3 and 8 (Garstang) Cass Associates for Daniel Fowler

The Council's MIQ responses

EL3.001 Matter 1 Wyre Council
EL3.002 Matter 2 Wyre Council
EL3.003 Matter 3 Wyre Council
EL3.004 Matter 4 Wyre Council
EL3.005 Matter 5 Wyre Council
EL3.006 Matter 6 Wyre Council
EL3.007 Matter 7 Wyre Council
EL3.008a Matter 8 (Fleetwood, Thornton, Norcross) Wyre Council
EL3.008b Matter 8 (Poulton-le-Fylde) Wyre Council
EL3.008c Matter 8 (Inskip) Wyre Council
EL3.008d Matter 8 (Great Eccleston and Over Wyre) Wyre Council
EL3.008e Matter 8 (Forton and Hollins Lane) Wyre Council
EL3.008f Matter 8 (Garstang, Bowgreave, Catterall and Barton) Wyre Council
EL3.009 Matter 9 Wyre Council
EL3.010 Matter 10 Wyre Council

Hearing agendas

EL4.001 Session 1 (Matter 1)
EL4.002 Session 2 (Matter 2)
EL4.003 Session 3 (Matter 3)
EL4.004 Session 4 (Matter 4)
EL4.005 Session 5 (Matter 5)
EL4.006 Session 6 (Matter 6)
EL4.007 Session 7 (Matter 7)
EL4.008 Session 8 (Matter 8)
EL4.009 Session 9 (Matter 8)
EL4.010 Session 10 (Matter 8)
EL4.011 Session 11 (Matter 8)
EL4.012 Session 12 (Matter 8)
EL4.013 Session 13 (Matter 8)
EL4.014 Session 14 (Matter 9)
EL4.015 Session 15 (Matter 10)
EL4.016 Session 16 (Review)

Items submitted during the hearings

EL5.001 Opening Statement
EL5.002 Extract from Fylde Council Local Plan Proposed Modifications
EL5.003 Proposed Green Belt removal, Poulton-le-Fylde (two parcels)
EL5.004 Proposed Green Belt removal, Fleetwood
EL5.005 Broughton Linsig model  4a outputs
EL5.006 Employment Land Monitoring Report 2017-2018 omission (extract)
EL5.007 Statement from Ben Wallace MP
EL5.008 LCC Response to Gubberford Lane, Scorton planning application
EL5.009a LCC Education Statement regarding SA1/2 Lambs Road/Raikes Road
EL5.009b LCC Education Statement regarding SA1/16 Cockerham Road
EL5.010 Residential and Mixed Use Allocations May 2018 Position
EL5.011 Working list of modifications from Local Plan hearings week 1
EL5.012 Completions housing sites 25+ or less 25 between 2011 and 2018
EL5.013 Site Allocation (SA1/2) Lambs Road / Raikes Road - KDC6 Modification
EL5.014 The Fylde Villager Bus Timetable (75, 76, 77 and 77A) via Inskip
EL5.015 Agricultural Land Classification at Inskip
EL5.016 Response to LCC Education, Land Allocation Provision West of Cockerham Road SA1/16 (Session 13)
EL5.017 Site Allocation (SA1/16) West of Cockerham Road - KDC8 Modification
EL5.018 Proposed Site Plan regarding 18/00418/OULMAJ
EL5.019 Ownership details for Site SA3/4 (Forton Extension)
EL5.020 Proposed green infrastructure at Forton (SA3/4)
EL5.021 Technical Note - Size and Type of Housing Needed in Wyre
EL5.022 Minerals Safeguarding Areas Note
EL5.023 Cemeteries Note on SA1/3
EL5.024 G Love plans regarding Blackpool Road, Carleton (SA1/8) - Sketch Layout
EL5.025 G Love plans regarding Norcross (SA1/11)
EL5.026 Site Allocations at Forton and Hollins Lane (SA1/14, SA1/15 and SA3/4) - Drainage Modification
EL5.027 HSE response regarding Dead Dam Bridge at Inskip
EL5.028 Site Allocation (SA3/4) Forton - Green Infrastructure Modification
EL5.029 Working list of modifications from Local Plan hearings week 2
EL5.030 Email communication between United Utilities and Wyre Council
EL5.031 Local Plan Habitat Regulation Assessment Note
EL5.032 LCC Highways Note regarding B5268 Fleetwood Road North, Thornton

Items added following the close of hearings

EL6.001 Request under Section 20 (7C) of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004
EL6.002 Submission Draft Wyre Local Plan Examination - Track Changes
EL6.003a Post Hearings Advice - July 2018
EL6.003b Post Hearings Advice - Council Response
EL6.003c Calculations for housing land supply following receipt of the Inspectors post hearing advice
EL6.004a Letter to Council regarding latest Household Projections
EL6.004b Council response to latest household projections

Proposed Main Modification documents for Consultation

EL7.001a Schedule of Main Modifications August 2018
EL7.001b Appendix F – Green Infrastructure Policies Map amendments (MM/097)
EL7.002 Sustainability Appraisal Addendum September 2018

Evidence Base Updates and Other Documents (Post Hearings)

EL8.001 Schedule of Additional Modifications August 2018
EL8.002 Publication Draft Wyre Local Plan 2017 – Tracked Changes (Proposed Modifications), August 2018 (for reference)
EL8.003 Wyre Borough Council Local Plan Habitats Regulations Assessment Report, August 2018
EL8.004 Wyre Infrastructure Delivery Plan September 2017 (August 2018 Update)
EL8.005 Wyre Local Plan Housing Implementation Strategy, August 2018
EL8.006 Equality Impact Assessment 2017 Addendum (Main Modifications), August 2018
EL8.007 Level 2 SFRA: Flood Risk Sequential Test Paper: Assessing Flood Risk of Proposed Site Allocations - Addendum SA1/11 North of Norcross Lane, Norcross and SA1/13 Inskip Extension, August 2018
EL8.008 Green Infrastructure, Open Space, Sport and Recreation Background Paper January 2018 - Addendum, August 2018

Items added post Main Modification consultation

EL9.001 Representations made to the Main Modification Consultation September/October 2018
EL9.002a Statement of Consultation Addendum November 2018 (Main report)
EL9.002b Statement of Consultation Addendum November 2018 (Appendices 1, 2 & 3.1)
EL9.002c Statement of Consultation Addendum November 2018 (Appendix 3.2)  (includes a summary of each representation and the council's response)
EL9.003 Habitats Regulations Assessment Report August 2018 (Corrected November 2018)

Corrected Appendix F – Green Infrastructure Policies Map amendments (MM/097)

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