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Support for low income households

Household Support Fund - Help with fuel costs

Updated: 27/06/2022

The council has been allocated £430,000 in Household Support Funding to help provide some financial support for households on the lowest incomes, particularly those including children and pensioners, who are struggling with energy, food and water bills.

The funding is to be used to make direct payments to council tax payers who were in receipt of localised council tax support (LCTS) on 20 June 2022. If you were in receipt of LCTS on that date, there is no requirement to make an application for this funding, we will be contacting you in July 2022 to advise you further regarding the payment.

Any residents who become entitled to claim LCTS in the period after 20 June 2022 and have not received a one-off payment as detailed above, will be able to submit an application for financial assistance to the Discretionary Energy Rebate scheme, which is open for applications up until the earliest of 30 September 2022, or until the funding is exhausted.