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Ukraine information

Impact on Housing Benefit entitlement

There are no changes to the Housing Benefit regulations and the host should be no better or worse off in terms of their benefit entitlement.

Rental Liability

As no rent will be charged to the Ukrainian nationals, there will be no additional income from board or lodgings.

Monthly £350 payment

This payment must be declared to the Council but is disregarded as both unearned income and capital.

Size Criteria

Housing a Ukrainian national will not impact on the number of bedrooms entitlement.

Non dependant deductions

There will be no non dependant deductions for a Ukrainian national and their family members.

Severe Disability Premium

A host will not lose their entitlement to the Severe Disability Premium if they provide accommodation.

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP)

There are no changes to the rules concerning entitlement to help through a DHP.

Benefit Cap

The benefit cap will apply as normal.

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