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Guidance on use of council or private land

As an organiser you have a duty of care in law and a moral obligation to ensure that your event:

  • complies with legislation
  • is safe and secure
  • supports (through documented planning, risk assessment and delivery) the health, safety and welfare of its visitors, participants, contractors and staff

You must:

  • be the named contact for all communications
  • obtain appropriate licenses or temporary road closure orders
  • accept the lead role, before and during the event, and for post-event debriefing
  • consult throughout the planning with relevant bodies, and make decisions with staff, services and contractors
  • have public liability Insurance to the minimum cover of £5 million, or £10 million for Category 4 firework displays and fairground ride

Please note: Wyre Council introduced a ban on the release of sky lanterns and helium balloons on council land to protect wildlife and reduce plastic waste.