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During a flood

In the event of a flood, Wyre Council will work with the Environment Agency, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, Lancashire Police, Lancashire County Council and other appropriate agencies to help those affected.

Report flooding

  • If there is a threat to life or you are trapped by flood water, call 999. 
  • Flooding to highways and footpaths: Lancashire County Council on 0300 123 6780 
  • Flooding from sewers or burst water mains: United Utilities on 0345 6723 723
  • Flooding from a watercourse, river, coastal water or reservoir: Environment Agency Floodline on 0345 9881188
  • For all other incidents including flooding to internal areas of your property call Wyre Council on 01253 891000.

Look for updates

During a flooding incident, regular updates will be posted to the home page of the council website and our social media pages. Please do not report flooding on our social media pages, please contact the relevant authority as listed above:


  • flood water can rise quickly, so always focus on the safety of you and your family before your property and be prepared to act quickly
  • if you are asked to evacuate your home, follow the advice of the emergency services
  • avoid walking or driving through floodwater. Driving in flood water significantly increases risk of drowning
  • turn off gas, electricity and water supplies if flood water is about to enter your home. Do not touch any electrical appliances or cables when standing in flood water
  • move family, pets and your flood kit upstairs, or to a high place with a means of escape
  • call 105 to report or get information about power cuts in your area
  • avoid contact with flood water and wash your hands regularly. Swallowing flood water can cause serious illness
  • check on vulnerable neighbours and relatives who may be unable to raise the alarm or evacuate their property. Only call 999 if it is an emergency. If there isn't a risk to life but you are worried about someone, please report it online
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