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Stray dogs

Code of conduct

The law states that:

  • you must always ensure your dog is wearing a collar and identity disc, that it is micro chipped and the details up to date. Microchips are a legal requirement and excellent as a 'back up' in case the collar is removed or falls off. If your dog is easily identifiable, it makes re-uniting you with your lost pet a lot easier.
  • when out walking, you must keep your dog under control at all times. Wyre borough has designated areas where dogs are banned and areas where they can exercise freely

To ensure your dog doesn't stray, keep your gates locked and the doors closed when at home. During the summer months if you have your doors and windows open, ensure your dog is in an enclosed area or on a running chain in the garden. Ensure your garden walls and fences are sturdy and high enough to prevent the dog jumping over.

Make sure your dog is never left alone while out and about, and a responsible person is in charge at all times.

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