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Stray dogs

Wyre Council has a legal obligation to seize any stray dogs found in the community.

The environmental enforcement officers are constantly patrolling the borough and responding to stray dog complaints from the public. It is an offence to allow your dog to stray and officers have a range of actions they can take to deal this.

If a straying dog is found, officers will make every effort to seize it. If possible we will try and locate the owner using the disc and micro chip details and inform them of the offence. This is then registered as a first offence, and a fixed penalty notice issued for allowing the dog to be off a lead on the highway.

If your dog carries identification we will try and return the dog to you. We cannot return the dog to you if no one is at home, or the wrong details are displayed on the disc or micro chip. If this is the case, the dog be transferred to the council contracted kennels.

Second offence

If you allow a dog to stray a second time or on a regular basis, you may get a further fixed penalty notice for allowing the dog to be off a lead on the highway. A recommendation may also be made to the council's legal department to consider prosecution.

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