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Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) - Dogs

Dog control orders

The Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) which contains restrictions in relation to dog control has been formally approved by Wyre Council and came into force on 4 October 2023. The powers under the Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2017 replace and add to the powers previously provided under dog control orders and contains the following offences:

  • failing to put a dog on a lead when directed to do so by an authorised officer - this allows council officers to direct that a dog is put on a lead when it is causing nuisance and/or danger to other persons and their dogs
  • failing to pick up after your dog 
  • failing to exclude dogs from designated areas
  • failing to keep dogs on leads in the designated dogs on leads areas 
  • failing to provide at the request of an authorised officer the means to pick up after a dog
  • exercising more than four dogs under the control of one person in a designated area
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