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Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) - Dogs

Fleetwood marsh nature park

Fleetwood Marsh Nature Park (FMNP) was established as an open space for all to enjoy. The site owned by Lancashire County Council (LCC) has high biodiversity value and is a valuable open space for all members of the public to enjoy.

In recent years the high number of visitors with large numbers of dogs has led to a decline in bio diversity and a rise in dog related issues. LCC have therefore asked for control measures to be applied to the site to provide a balanced approach to ensure the site stays safe for all types of users and continues to be of benefit to local people and wildlife.

The site will be zoned where dogs will be required to be on leads, numbers limited to four dogs and areas where dogs can be off leads and excluded from altogether. Please refer to the order for maps and LCC will provide on site signage and more details on their website.

Fleetwood Marsh Nature Park map