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Lost dogs

If you have lost your dog there are a number of things you can do:

Local authority animal welfare service

You should contact the council as soon as possible to report your dog missing.

Kennels and rehoming centres

Local authorities have contracts with private kennels for housing strays. It is important to remember that several premises are used to house stray dogs because of the large numbers of strays in the area. The council has a list of all contact numbers.


Occasionally a member of the public will look after a stray dog in their home and not inform the police or council when they have found a stray.

It is worth placing notices on your veterinary surgery's notice board, on social media sites, in your local shop, supermarket, libraries and any other public notice boards. You can also contact your local newspaper and place an advert in the 'lost and found' column. Inform the council of your loss as they keep a register of lost dogs and will inform you if they have any information, or have located your dog.