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What is council tax and who has to pay

What if you don't think you should be liable

If we have made a decision about council tax liability and you disagree, you should let us know by completing the online form. You can use this form to appeal against liability, liability dates, discounts and exemptions.

Do not use this form to advise of any changes in circumstances.

Appeal against liability for council tax

We will consider your appeal and write to you again. If you don't agree with our response you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal.

Wyre Council do not set your property's council tax band. If you think your property has been banded incorrectly, you need to challenge your council tax band with the Valuation Office.

To make a challenge with your valuation office you may be requested to provide evidence through information about comparable properties. Before making your challenge, ensure to watch the Valuation Office's video on the different types of Council Tax Band Challenges.

Council tax payments must still be made while any appeal is outstanding.


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